Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Warnings, More Awareness

Korean Police Warn of Cyber Attacks

The Korean National Police Agency warned earlier this month that they have received intelligence that Kuwaiti-based Islamist hackers would attack Korean businesses on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion (March 20th). The warning also stated the groups may use Korean networks to attack other countries.

Groups Use Cloaking Techniques to Thwart Intelligence Gathering

Government Computer News ran an article discussing the use of various cloaking techniques used to prevent law enforcement and others monitoring online activity. While several of these techniques have been around for years, they appear to be growing in the breadth of their use.

Is Cyber War a Real Threat?

There has been much discussion and hype around cyber war or an “electronic Pearl Harbor” and the debate continues following the multi-department exercise by the US and Canadian governments called “Cyber Storm”. ISN Security Watch looks at the possibilities of an attack and the potential hype:

“Skeptics of the potential for a cyber attack disaster say the Bush administration has over-hyped the possibility of a devastating internet terror attack to keep the public frightened and behind the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

International Telecom Conference in Qatar Calls for Greater Cooperation on Investigation of Computer Crimes

Middle East Online reports on calls to increase cooperation among cyber investigators to combat online terrorism and crime.

Potential for Terrorism Linkages in Japan

Zone-H published a commentary and analysis on the potential for linkages between Japanese underground and terror organizations and Middle Eastern terror groups. The article concentrates on physical attacks. However, use and misuse of technology follow “street” activity.

Other News…

Denial-of-Service attacks are as popular as ever according to an Arab News article. The article discusses the evolution of the attacks.

The Middle East Online has two articles of interest. The first reports on Syrian dissidents are increasingly using the Internet to criticize the Syrian government. Another discusses the low availability of Internet access by people in Arabic countries. It is currently estimated to have a 3.7% penetration rate but growing quickly.