Thursday, September 27, 2007

Unisys Denies Washinton Post Allegations Concerning Mishandling of DHS Computer Intrustions

Unisys released a press statement denying (some) of the allegations in a Washington Post article alleging that Unisys employees hide the extent of over 150 intrusions into DHS systems believed to have originated from China.

“Unisys vigorously disputes the allegations made in today’s article. Facts and documentation contradict the claims described in the article, but federal security regulations preclude public comment on specific incidents.

“We can state generally that the allegation that Unisys did not properly install essential security systems is incorrect. In addition, we routinely follow prescribed security protocols and have properly reported incidents to the customer in accordance with those protocols."

Unisys had no comment on the alleged coverup of the incidents.

Unisys Says Facts, Documentation Contradict Allegations in News Story on DHS

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