Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chinese "Hacker" Discusses Chinese Underground and Attacks on Western Systems

An interview with a Chinese "hacker" who claims to have participated in pro-Chinese attacks against CNN and other western organizations has been posted on YouTube.
"If there is a cyber war between two countries and if our country needs us, as cyber citizens or as IT fans, we can work together and we can certainly protect ourselves."

Dutch Websites Defaced in Protest of Film Release

An attacker using the pseudonym of "nEt^DeViL" has attacked and defaced several hundred websites in the Netherlands in protest of the release of the Dutch film "Fitna" critical of Islamic extremists.

Part of the message left in the defacements states:
"If you think that ” Insulting GOD Religion is a Freedom of Speech as your country did , then allow me to show you my Freedom knowledge of Hacking ;)" [sic].

Hundreds of Dutch web sites hacked by Islamic hackers