Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Report Discusses Limitations of Terrorists' Use of the Internet issued an analysis report on the limitations of the Internet to terrorist organizations.
"Although the Internet has been a boon for grassroots cells in spreading their ideology and recruiting new acolytes, the Web has some serious limitations as a terrorism enabler. Some things are very difficult to accomplish online -- namely, absorbing technical information and the tradecraft of terrorism and applying it to a real-world situation, particularly in a dangerous environment."
Additionally, use of the Internet for any aspect of conspiracy, planning or communication enables law enforcement and intelligence agencies to monitor activity:
"As these sites proliferate, so does the attention devoted to them. It is important to note that visiting such Web sites is an operational security hazard that can allow counterterrorism forces to identify potential militants and close in on them..."

U.S.: The Role and Limitations of the 'Dark Web' In Jihadist Training

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