Monday, April 07, 2008

NATO and EU Concern on Cybercrime

In separate meetings last week, both the EU and NATO organizations discussed cyberterror issues and their need to respond.

The Council of Europe will review the new Convention on Cybercrime and discuss how to strengthen online anti-terrorism activities.

Separately, politically motivated computer crime was discussed at the NATO summit held in Romania including how member countries can better coordinate online defense activities.
"World leaders gathered in Bucharest for this week’s NATO summit are debating what role the trans-Atlantic alliance can play in containing “cyberterrorists,” “hacktivists” and other emerging menaces that experts concede are untraditional, but still potentially lethal."

Most of the concern quoted in the press center around the cyber attacks against Estonia.

European Union, NATO to tackle cybercrime

NATO grows increasingly concerned about terrorism on world's computer networks

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