Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Islamic Jihad Creates Cyber War Unit

Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian Islamist group, has created a cyber-war unit to aid its armed Al-Quds Brigades in attacks on Israel:
"It was a response to years of attacks by Israeli hackers, and according to the Brigades spokesman, Abu Hamza, it equals the playing field in cyber-space.

"The Israeli's have worked very hard the past few years on monitoring all the Palestinian websites, especially those of Islamic Jihad and Al-Quds Brigades," Hamza told MENASSAT.

"They (Israeli hackers) hacked these websites and erased them from the electronic boards or even added indecent pictures to them," he said.
"Hamza told MENASSAT that the Brigades had to establish an e-media military unit "because we had to fight the enemy in the electronic media to resist being assaulted on two fronts – physically and virtually."

The article discusses several specific attacks against Israeli interests; mostly web defacements but also discusses attempts at system based attacks against Israeli infrastructure targets:
"Abu Hamza said that the e-media military unit doesn't just work on breaking the security of the Israeli websites – both governmental and civilian –, but it is also "expanding its cyber-reach to include attempts at hacking and bugging the Israeli telecommunications network."

"So far, these attempts have not succeeded," he [said]."

Islamic Jihad’s cyber-war brigades

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