Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chinese "Hacker" Discusses Chinese Underground and Attacks on Western Systems

An interview with a Chinese "hacker" who claims to have participated in pro-Chinese attacks against CNN and other western organizations has been posted on YouTube.
"If there is a cyber war between two countries and if our country needs us, as cyber citizens or as IT fans, we can work together and we can certainly protect ourselves."

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harce said...

I understand that the 'security expert' claims that the official report on the US blackout is a lie/cover up of the actual attack?

also, if anybody manages to explain what interest a chine hacker would have in fanatically supporting the chinese government, and than saying that in front of a TV cam, I'd appreciate. as few other's do, they should ultimately understand the censorship and oppression forced upon them and they do know the consequences of acting against the government.

on the other hand, I can understand why chinese government might be interested in presenting itself as the mightiest hacker empire in the world. as Sūn Zǐ said; it's best to be underestimated by your friends and overestimated by your enemies. intelligence agencies done stuff more complicated than showing somebody who says "there are millions of us, we will destroy you if u act against our country"

obviously media (as always) jump on the 'red scare' wagon well described by Chomsky-Herman duo;
only now we get a 'red hacker scare' which is even cooler, as it combines few different 'scares' - ununderstood technology, hackers, supposed communists...

leave your laptop home or somebody will hack it... lol