Monday, October 20, 2008

Georgian Government Releases Report on Cyber Attacks

The Government of Georgia has released a report concerning the cyber attacks on Georgia originating in Russia. The report provides details of attacks and makes allegations against individuals in Russia responsible for organizing the attacks.

The report directly blames the Russian government for the attacks:
"To help to make a final judgment regarding the cyberwar against Georgia these two declarations from Russian officials can help us to evaluate how Moscow thinks in regard to online warfare. The Russian State Duma deputy and member of the Security Committee Deputy Nikolai Kuryanovich stated in 2006 within a formal Russian parliamentary letter of appreciation to hackers who had taken down several Israeli web sites:
  • "In the very near future many conflicts will not take place on the open field of battle, but rather in spaces on the Internet, fought with the aid of information soldiers, that is hackers. This means that a small force of hackers is stronger than the multi-thousand force of the current armed forces."
"Should we interpret this declaration as a statement of intent, or merely a prediction? A few days ago, the Editor of the Russian Online journal, made a similar statement that provides insight into the Russian war aims:
  • “Cyber-attacks are part of the information war, making your enemy shut up is a potent weapon of modern warfare.”

Russian Invasion of Georgia: Russian Cyberwar on Georgia

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