Friday, November 28, 2008

More Indian-Pakistani Cyber Attacks

As an update to the previous post, further reports of tit-for-tat cyber attacks between Indian and Pakistani "hackers" are surfacing. From the Indian online business magazine,

"Hostilities between India and Pakistan seem to have reached cyberspace even as the two neighbors strive to resolve differences through dialogue. The first casualty in the cyber war appears to be the Andhra Pradesh Crime Investigation Department (CID) website that was hacked by pro-Pakistan hackers.

"Ohter [sic] Indian web sites that have come in for similar treatment are web sites of Bank of Baroda and that of a news channel."

And from the Pakistani Daily website:

"In what seems to be an intensifying cyber war between hackers of Pakistan and India, Pakistani hackers managed to hack website of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) of India on Tuesday.

"A group named ‘Pakistan Cyber Army’ (PCA) said that it hacked Indian ONGC website in response to hacking of the website of Pakistan’s OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) by Indian hackers."

Andhra Police website hacked

Pakistani group hacks Indian websites

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