Sunday, March 29, 2009

U.K. Intelligence Fears Chinese Made Telecommunication Systems

The Sunday Times report on U.K. intelligence officers' fear China may be able to disrupt British telecommunications via Chinese systems provided to British Telecom (BT):
"A confidential document circulating in Whitehall says that while BT has taken steps to reduce the risk of attacks by hackers or organised crime, “we believe that the mitigating measures are not effective against deliberate attack by China”."
The primary concern is BT using systems manufactured by Huawei:

"According to the sources, the ministerial committee on national security was told at the January meeting that Huawei components that form key parts of BT’s new network might already contain malicious elements waiting to be activated by China.

"Working through Huawei, China was already equipped to make “covert modifications” or to “compromise equipment in ways that are very hard to detect” and that might later “remotely disrupt or even permanently disable the network...”

Spy chiefs fear Chinese cyber attack

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