Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Attack on London Based Jewish Website

The London based Jewish Chronicle's website was defaced with anti-Semitic and pro-Palestinian messages:
"In a message posted in English and Turkish, a group calling itself the "Palestinian Mujaheeds" quotes from the Quran and attacks Jews in anti-Semitic terms."
Associated Press articles attributed the attack to a recent dispute between Turkey and Israel:
"It comes a week after the eruption of a damaging diplomatic feud between Israel and Turkey. Ankara was outraged when Israel summoned its ambassador to express anger over a Turkish television drama that depicts Israeli agents kidnapping children and shooting old men."
The Jerusalem Post attributes the attacks to Turkish "hackers" and provides some background on previous cyber attacks believed to have originated in Turkey:
"Turkish hackers are notorious for playing a major role in coordinated international Web attacks, which usually come in response to international incidents perceived as affronts by the hackers."
"After Operation Cast Lead in Gaza last year, Turkish hackers took part in a coordinated assault on Israeli and Western Web sites."

Palestinian attack on JC website

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London-based Jewish newspaper attacked by hackers

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