Friday, March 12, 2010

Increasing Use of the Internet by Terrorist Groups

The LA Times reports on the extensive and effective use of the Internet by traditional terrorist organizations:
"From charismatic clerics who spout hate online, to thousands of extremist websites, chat rooms and social networking pages that raise money and spread radical propaganda, the Internet has become a crucial front in the ever-shifting war on terrorism."
The article also discusses using the Internet for terrorist training activities:
"The new militancy is driven by the Web," agreed Fawaz A. Gerges, a terrorism expert at the London School of Economics. "The terror training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan are being replaced by virtual camps on the Web."

Internet making it easier to become a terrorist

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Anonymous said...

You may be interested in the following paper that was just released on First Monday:

Lysenko, V.V., and Desouza, K.C. "Role of Internet-based Information Flows and Technologies in Electoral Revolutions: The Case of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution,” First Monday, 15 (9), 2010, Available Online at: