Tuesday, November 06, 2007

U.S. Creating a 20,000 Strong Cyberspace Command

The U.S. Air Force is creating a "Cyberspace Command" to "recruit, equip, and train a new corps of cyber-warriors perpetually ready to protect military networks from whatever threats emerge."

The planned implementation shows the level of concern the U.S. military has for potential cyber attacks:
Its headquarters will likely consist of several hundred staff overseeing perhaps 20,000 Air Force personnel. They will include software experts, lawyers, electronic-warfare and satellite specialists, and behavioral scientists..."
The cause of concern is partially centered around attacks against U.S. and other western systems.
"In recent months, U.S. officials said they have seen a sharp increase in efforts by hackers, backed by foreign governments, to infiltrate or damage U.S. and other allied information networks."
The full story with more details of the Command and its planned structure and operation are available at GovermentExecutive.com:

Cyber Warriors

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