Friday, November 02, 2007

More Discussion of November 11th "Electronic Jihad"

TechNewsWorld published an article concerning the November 11th "electronic jihad" discussing the skepticism of most security professionals.

As stated in the article, terrorist organizations are sophisticated in their use of technology but, so far, have not resorted to offensive use. This may indicate an inclination to do damage in the physical world where the impact is more severe and receives more attention.

Having said this, we should not dismiss outright the possibility of future attacks. There are numerous cases of individuals who ideologically support terrorist causes and act independently with web defacements and other attacks. We should expect these types of attacks to increase in both number and sophistication.

Therefore, while skepticism is warranted with this particular announcement organizations should continue to secure and monitor their networks against this type of activity (see Network Risk Management, LLC Recommends Caution in Evaluating Website Claims of "Al Qaeda Cyber Jihad" on November 11th)

Electronic Jihad: Winds of Cyber War or False Alarm?

The Register ran a similar story:

Scepticism over cyber-jihad rumours

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