Thursday, September 11, 2008

U.S. Considers Developing Offensive Cyber Warfare Capabilities

The Los Angeles Times reports on Pentagon debates about developing offensive cyber capabilities. It appears the renewed discussion is at least partially driven by the Russian Georgian conflict.

The article touches on some of the high level issues involved in cyber war. Like many technical revolutions in military history, cyber warfare presents many challenges and unknowns:
"To some, the tension over cyberspace echoes military debates through the centuries. Maj. Gen. William T. Lord, head of the Air Force cyber-effort, said that such discussions were akin to an old military puzzle known as "intelligence gain-loss."

"Do you not destroy a target because you can exploit it? Or do you destroy the target -- and lose the ability to exploit -- because troops are in harm's way?" Lord said. "That is not a debate. It is a discussion that goes on in war fighting."

Pentagon debates development of offensive cyberspace capabilities

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