Friday, September 19, 2008

VP Candidate Sarah Palin's Personal Email Compromised

Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate's personal Yahoo email account was compromised and emails and family photographs were made public:

"Among the emails posted on the Internet is a message sent from Palin to the vice-governor of Alaska, Sean Parnell, who is currently seeking election to Congress.

"The hacking comes at a time when Palin is suspected of using her personal email account for conducting public affairs in Alaska.

"According to law, all messages relating to the official functions of governor must be archived and not destroyed, but allows for personal messages to be destroyed."

Hackers infiltrate Palin's email account

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Ben Wright said...

The Troopergate report is out. The report recommends the governor's office review its policy on use of personal e-mail accounts. On account of Open Records Acts, state governments are wise to insist that employees (including governors) route all business e-mail through a central e-mail archive and to encourage employees to take all personal e-mail to personal accounts. --Ben