Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Encurve, LLC Recommends Caution in Evaluating Website Claims of "Al Qaeda Cyber Jihad" on November 11th

An Israeli website is reporting that Al Qaeda supporters are planning an electronic Jihad against "Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate and Shiite Web sites" beginning November 11, 2007.

The website did not disclosure the actual source of this threat and, as there have been numerous previous claims of similar attacks, Encurve, LLC recommends this report should be analyzed with skepticism.

This need for suspicion is further bolstered by rather broad claims such as:
"...counter-terror sources report that, shortly after the first announcement, some of al Qaeda’s own Web sites went blank, apparently crashed by the American intelligence computer experts tracking them."
and (emphasis added);
"On Day One, they will test their skills against 15 targeted sites expand the operation from day to day thereafter until hundreds of thousands of Islamist hackers are in action against untold numbers of anti-Muslim sites."
The report did give a motive for the cyber attacks:
"They offer would-be martyrs, who for one reason or another are unable to fight in the field, to fulfill their jihad obligations on the Net. These virtual martyrs are assured of the same thrill and sense of elation as a jihadi on the “battlefield.”
The full text can be read at:

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Al Qaeda declares Cyber Jihad on the West

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