Friday, January 18, 2008

Al-Qaeda and the Internet

The January issue of West Point's Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) Sentinel carries an analysis on Al-Qaeda and it's use of the Internet. Of particular interest is the description of the similarities between Al-Qaeda's organization and that of the Internet:

"Al-Qa`ida is a decentralized network of networks with no structure, hierarchy or center of gravity. It is based on a global alliance of autonomous groups and organizations, in a loosely-knit international network. This composition is strikingly similar to the internet with its unstructured network, reliance on a decentralized web of nodes with no center and no hierarchy. The parallel between the two may not be so coincidental: al-Qa`ida adopted the internet and has become increasingly reliant on it for its operations and survival."

Al-Qa`ida’s Extensive Use of the Internet

The same issue also runs a story on the use of online social networking in recruitment (see Jihadists Use of Online Social Networks)

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