Monday, January 07, 2008

Recommended Reading: The Dark Web of Cyber Terror

Sammy Elrom has complete his multi-part analysis of the "Jihadist's Dark Web". Part one was reviewed earlier (see Analysis of Jihadist's "Dark Web"). The three part series explores the threat of terrorist organizations use (and misuse) of technology and includes case studies and an analysis of both sides of the "cyber terror" debate.

Mr. Elrom's argument can be summed up as:
"What is the likelihood of such a catastrophic event [terrorist cyber attack] to ever unfold? Very high in my opinion, because we’ve seen the extreme changes in the way terrorists use the internet (detailed in Part One on this subject). It makes perfectly sense that the almost total reliance on the internet by business, government, military, academia and society in general, only emphasized what a huge target it became for terrorists to hit. Imagine a simultaneous attack targeting a critical infrastructure site like a nuclear power plant and its supporting and connecting network; beside the physical damage and the psychological effect, the collapse of the communication network may send a shock wave of secondary crashes impacting connected, related and remote networks and locations, which like a delayed earthquake shock create an unstoppable ripple effect. And it is not rocket science to comprehend that from the terrorists’ point of view scores of casualties may be the ultimate goal PR wise, but financial havoc and business chaos can be more destructive, because it impacts the immediate lives of everybody."
Each part was published separately on the website:

Part I: The Dark Web Of Cyber Terror – An Inescapable Reality
Part II: The Dark Web Of Cyber Terror - The Threat That Got Lost in Traffic
Part III: Dark Web Terror

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