Friday, January 11, 2008

U.S. Cyber Command Will Have Both Offensive and Defensive Mission

In an article that discusses the new US center for cyberspace combat, The U.K. website Computing provides some more details on the new U.S. Cyber Command Center that will reportedly have a 30,000 strong staff.

"At this stage, plans for the Afcyber centre include three main elements:

- Assessment of US defence systems’ vulnerability to electronic attack, and improvements to their resilience.

- Co-ordination with the physical armed forces to attack enemies with a presence in cyberspace.

- $10m-worth (£5m) of annual funding for the largest ever research centre looking at software application weak points."

The article also mentions other military cyberwar centers:

"The US is not the only country establishing a military command centre for cyber warfare. Canada and Australia have similar programmes. But in the UK, the job is spread around civilian organisations.

The [U.K.] security services carry out intelligence operations in cyberspace. And the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure advises businesses."

US looks to military to take on cyber threats: Command centre to be offensive and defensive

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