Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cyber Security Is a National Security Problem for the United States

Vice Adm. Carl Mauney, deputy commander for the U.S. Strategic Command told the 2009 Network Centric Warfare conference that "cyber security is a national security problem".

During his presentation he told the audience some of the problems the DoD is facing and that cyber defense required better coordination of effort:
"Also complicating cyber sleuths’ lives is the world’s billions of eye-blink-fast interconnected computers. But keeping up is vital. “Cyberspace has become a warfighting domain like land, sea, air, space,” Mauney told attendees. “And in light of growingly astute cyber enemies, it’s in our interest to maintain freedom of action,” he said.

"However, he cautioned, “It can’t be done in isolation.” There’s a “compelling need to integrate all elements of cyberspace operation and to [move] at net speed.” This is because the DOD on a daily basis faces millions of denial-of-service attacks, hacking, malware, bot-nets, viruses and other ruinous intrusions, some of which are associated with nations and nation-states, he said."
More importantly, Admiral Mauney stressed the need for individual accountability:
"What is needed is “a focus on accountability, from leadership to the user level. Our mindset needs to reflect the way we treat other military systems,” he said. “We don’t accept substandard performance in maritime, air and ground ops — and this is no different.” [emphasis added]

Hear Hear!

Greater cooperation needed to defeat cyber enemies

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