Monday, February 23, 2009

Russian Consulate Website Attacked to Protest Sinking of Ship

Several sites are carrying information concerning an attack on the Russian Consulate in Shanghai to protest the Russian Navy's sinking of a Chinese ship as it tried to escape after being impounded for alleged smuggling.

The website was defaced with a protest message:
“Russia invaded our territory to kill people from the People’s Republic. Hack done for the Chinese crew of controversy! Russia must be punished! ! ! Hacked BY: Yu”
Yu is described in the article as "a network security enthusiast that has been defacing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and U.S sites for a while, but had to give up his activities due to college studies."

Chinese hackers deface the Russian Consulate in Shanghai (ZDNet)

Chinese hackers take down Russian Consulate website (Dark Visitor)

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Anonymous said...

Is this true can Russia defend itself. I'm from the USA and can't always believe China;s tactics.