Friday, February 13, 2009

Recommended: Detailed Report on the State of Network and Information Security in Europe

For anyone that deals with cyber security issues in Europe, it is always a challenge to keep up on each member country's initiatives, institutions and regulations. A new report looks to be a valuable resource in navigating the complex European environment.

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has published an extensive (over 600 pages) report on network and information security in its 30 member countries (the 27 EU member countries plus 3 members of the European Economic Community). This report is an excellent who's who of cyber security in Europe.

The report is structured by country and provided details of cyber security activities including:
  • General country information including statistics on IT use;
  • The major governmental and private stakeholders that set and implement cyber security policies and their relationships;
  • An overview and detailed look at current initiatives, focus points and activities of each entity;
  • Cyber security events taking place in each country;
  • Cyber security trends including information on security breaches
An excellent reference on the state of cyber security in Europe. Let's hope they plan to keep in updated.

ENISA Country Reports

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