Friday, March 07, 2008

Extremist Websites Targeting Children and Women

The YaleGlobe has a story concerning the increase in extremist websites developed for children and Women. The article gives several examples of specific websites and their messages.
"The internet has long been a favorite tool of the terrorists. Decentralized and providing almost perfect anonymity, it cannot be subjected to control or restriction, and allows access to anyone who wants it. Large or small, terrorist groups have their own websites, using this medium to spread propaganda, raise funds and launder money, recruit and train members, communicate and conspire, plan and launch attacks. Al Qaeda, for example, now operates approximately 5,600 websites, and 900 more appear each year. Besides websites, modern terrorists rely on e-mail, chatrooms, e-groups, forums, virtual message boards, and resources like You-Tube and Google Earth."

Online Terrorists Prey on the Vulnerable

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