Monday, March 03, 2008

Jihadist's Websites Compete with Each Other for Attention

Leela JACINTO from France24 has an interesting analysis of the popularity and success of jihadist websites:

"While some experts advocate keeping jihadist sites online for intelligence-gathering purposes, others believe their presence poses a security and propaganda threat. But keeping a lid on jihadist content in this day and age, experts admit, is easier said than done.

"Sites that are brought down promptly reappear on other servers in a process known as “piggybacking,” whereby site operators may not even be aware they are hosting militant Web content.

"The output is so profuse that security experts tracking jihadist sites say the West is losing the media war with Islamic extremists."

The article also points out that the jihadist's success comes with its own price - internal competition:

"There are now so many jihadist sites online that al Qaeda’s media bosses, experts say, are facing the same sort of headaches plaguing media chiefs across the world: how to stand out in a crowded market and retain audiences."

Al Qaeda: ‘Kicking butt’ online

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