Monday, March 03, 2008

Pakistan Accident Disables YouTube Worldwide

While there is no indication of malicious or political intent, the recent attempt by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to censor YouTube in Pakistan demonstrates the potential for a nation-state to disrupt communications and Internet activity.

"The lesson is that the Internet is still rather vulnerable as the multitude of websites, data and resources on it are still reachable only via a few routers and access points. Should something happen to one of these systems it could cause Internet and website outages and chaos in countries further afield. Recent events have also shown weaknesses in the hard lines that connect it all, namely the undersea cables that were recently damaged in the Mediterranean.

Whether it be man or Mother Nature that causes damage to these systems, the end result is the same: Internet blackouts. The likelihood of these types of problems will increase as the web expands, more people come to rely on it, and it essentially becomes a bigger target."

Pakistan site swipe exposes web fragility

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