Friday, March 07, 2008

NATO Recognizes Cyber Threat and U.K. Tory Party Proposes 'Cyber Securiity Minister'

The Guardian is reporting on a speech by a NATO official that cyber attacks are a major concern of the organization:
"Suleyman Anil, who is in charge of protecting Nato against computer attacks, said: "Cyber defence is now mentioned at the highest level along with missile defence and energy security."
The article also mentions a new proposal from the U.K.'s Tory party to create a ministry level position on cyber security:
"To coincide with the congress, shadow home secretary David Davis will today announce Conservative proposals on online crime - including the creation of a new post of cyber security minister. The Tory plans also outline the reinstitution of a national hi-tech crimes police squad, and forming a dedicated unit inside the Crown Prosecution Service for dealing with computer crime cases."

Nato says cyber warfare poses as great a threat as a missile attack

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