Monday, October 01, 2007

EU Ministers Consider Anti-Terrorism Internet Controls

EU Ministers meet in Lisbon today to discuss increased Internet surveillance and controls to combat the use of websites in planning terrorist activity. This is partially in response to independent efforts on the part of individual EU countries:

"In response to a recent series of arrests and the unfolding of terror plots and planned strikes in Sweden, Germany and Austria, individual countries in Europe are already moving ahead to step up surveillance of the Internet.

In Germany, Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble is seeking powers allowing investigators to send software that secretly installs itself on specific computers, relaying data to police computers as users operate online."

While increased intelligence and surveillance may be effective, attempts to regulate Internet content are generally ineffective and are mostly cosmetic. Suppression of publicly available information will only drive it underground where it is more difficult to monitor. It will have little or no impact on the ability of terrorists or criminals to communicate as they will just find other, more covert, methods.

EU Takes Battle against Terrorism Online

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