Monday, October 22, 2007

Improved Control of Chinese Internet Content

An anonymous Internet blogger purported to be a technician in a Chinese ISP details the growing success of Chinese Government censorship on the Internet by implementing a layered approach to control content.

"The government monitors the internet by means of a skillful mix of filtering technologies, cyber-police surveillance and propaganda, in all of which China invests massively," writes the technician, referred to only as "Mr Tao". "Draconian censorship hunts down anything to do with human rights, democracy and freedom of belief. It nips free expression in the bud."

According to the report, censorship of the web has grown along with the increasing power of the Beijing Internet Information Administrative Bureau, the organisation that monitors internet content in China. Its hold over is particularly strong for companies based in or near the Chinese capital, warns the study"
The original article appeared in The Guardian: China Tightens Control of Net

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