Thursday, October 04, 2007

Syrian Radar "Hacked"?

Speculation grows over how Israeli bombers were able to evade Syrian air defenses in a recent attack on an unknown target in Syria.

The Register is quoting an Aviation Week report that the Israelis may have used a technology called "Suter" to "hack" a radar installation.

"Aviation Week reckons the success of the attack might be down to use of the "Suter" airborne network attack system. The technology, was developed by BAE Systems and integrated into US unmanned aircraft by L-3 Communications, according to unnamed US aerospace industry and retired military officials questioned by Aviation Week.

Instead of jamming radar signals, Suter uses a more sophisticated approach of "hacking" into enemy defences.

"The technology allows users to invade communications networks, see what enemy sensors see, and even take over as systems administrator so sensors can be manipulated into positions so that approaching aircraft can't be seen," Aviation Week explains. "The process involves locating enemy emitters with great precision and then directing data streams into them that can include false targets and misleading message algorithms.""

Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences

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