Wednesday, October 03, 2007 to Hold "Hacking" Forum in Arabic has announced the creation of an Arabic language seminar on network intrusion techniques. This follows a speech in Syria by Zone-H founder Roberto Preatoni on future IT security threats.

The organization's website described the perceived need for an Arabic "hacking" course:
"We understand the importance of the Arabic community in IT security area and know that more and more countries are rushing to establish strong and secure infrastructures and legal ground. Also our participation on HITB conference in Kuala Lumpur showed us how is [sic] important to share the knowledge without any restriction. Therefore Zone -H is proud to announce Hands-on Hacking seminars in the Middle East area."
The first 6-day seminar will be held in Dubai in December and present topics on:
  1. "Attaching [sic] techniques at the infrastructure level";
  2. "Hacking Web Applications targeted on nowadays most used techniquest [sic] of web application hacking"; and,
  3. "Wireless hacking which is bringing in-depth knowledge of wireless security topics and attacking techniques."
The full announcement is available at the website.
Hands-on Hacking Seminars in Arabic Countries

A brochure with a detailed seminar agenda is available at: Hands on Hacking.

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