Monday, January 12, 2009

Botnet Set Up to Support Israel in Conflict

A group of Israeli supporters have set up a web site to download code to create a botnet allowing denial-of-service attacks against Palestinian targets. It appears to be modeled after a similar system used by Russian sympathizers during the Georgian conflict.
"Installing this program onto a computer will turn it into a drone, and will place it at the disposal of the hacktivists. What differentiates this tool from regular malware is that the installation is performed voluntarily by individuals who sympathize with Israel's efforts.
“Our goal is to use this power in order to disrupt our enemy's efforts to destroy the state of Israel. The more support we get, the more efficient we are,” the website set up by the group reads. The hackers included an uninstaller for the application and vowed to dismantle the botnet, once the conflict in Gaza Strip is over."

Botnet Tool to Support Israel's Offensive: End-users willingly turn their computers into zombies

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