Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Denial-of-Service Attack against Kyrgzstan

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kyrgzstan's Internet infrastructure is under attack allegedly from Russia. There is very little detail in the report and only speculation on possible motives:
"Theories for the reason behind the current attack in Kyrgyzstan center on the U.S. use of an air base in the country to help with its military operations in Afghanistan. Another theory is that the attack was directed at the fledgling Kyrgyz opposition movement, which has used the Internet to express its discontent."
Wired Magazine offers a little more in-depth speculation:
"Using denial-of-service to clamp down opposition sounds a bit more plausible. During Kyrgyzstan's "Tulip Revolution" in 2005, demonstrators often depended on cell phones and text messages to organize. In post-Soviet states, where a smaller portion of the population is online, the authorities often allow the Internet to thrive as an outlet for dissent and free expression while clamping down on traditional media. But when the net becomes a more effective organizing tool -- or a more effective medium for investigative reporting -- the powers that be begin to take note."

Kyrgyzstan Knocked Offline (WSJ)

Russian 'Cyber Militia' Takes Kyrgyzstan Offline? (Wired)

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