Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Online Attacks against Anti-War Group

The U.K. based anti-war group, "Stop the War", claims its website, Facebook and YouTube sites are being disrupted:

"Stop the War believes pro-Israeli groups could be behind the internet campaign, although a spokesman admitted it had no proof this was the case.

"A spokesman said of the cyber-war it was facing: "It's a well-known tactic. The same thing happened to us before our anti-Iraq war protests in 2003. We obviously can't prove any connection but the timing would suggest that it's a supporter of Israel."

"The spokesman told The Independent: "At the same time that our website was under attack, a number of videos went up on YouTube which claimed the demonstration had been cancelled. Someone posted notices on our Facebook groups saying the same thing."

Stop the War's website 'disabled by pro-Israeli hackers'

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