Monday, January 12, 2009

NATO and US Army Systems Targeted by Palistinian Supports

Supports of Palestine have defaced several US Army, NATO and UN websites in the continuing escalation of cyber attacks related to the current situation in the Gaza Strip:
"Four websites belonging to the United States Army's Military District of Washington... have been defaced by a Turkish hacker affiliated with a group called “Peace Crew.” The attacker, who identified himself as Agd_Scorp, has posted threatening messages in English. “Stop attacks u Israel and USA! You cursed nations! One day Muslims will clean the world from you!,” the pages displayed.
"The website of the Joint Force Headquarters, National Capital Region... of the Northern Command has also been defaced by Agd_Scorp, and the same message has been posted along with the image of a Palestinian throwing a rock at a tank. In addition, the same attacker also hacked the websites of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly... and UNICEF Italy, in order to express his support for Palestine."

Palestinian Supporters Hack NATO and U.S. Army Sites

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